Featured Tweeter: @athletesvcancer

In keeping with our Relay for Life fundraising effort, this week's Featured Tweeter is @athletesvcancer. Athletes vs. Cancer is the Orlando Magic's Matt Barnes's Foundation which he started after losing his mother to the disease in 2007. Athletes vs. Cancer is committed to raising awareness and funds for cancer research. Their website states that "their motivation is deeply rooted in their heartfelt desire to ensure that families may one day live in a world that is cancer free."

Why should you follow them?

Obviously, this organization's mission is one worthy of your attention. Not only that, but Av.C's twitter stream is chock full of ways to support their cause through events such as basketball camps, galas, and golf invitationals. In contrast to many brands and companies on twitter, this account is run by a real person who will respond and interract with you. Just ask how you can help!

How can you help?

There are many ways to help support Athletes vs. Cancer, as well as many other cancer research efforts. One awesome idea this organization gives is for you to host a fundraising event. Find more information here.

Go follow @athletesvcancer now, and let us know if you have any great sports tweeters you want to see featured!

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