To my first love, the game of basketball...

I am always excited to see one of my favorite team members represent our country in the US olympics and in 2008, I had various favorites representing! However, I am going to have to say even after watching all of them win the gold with one of my favorite NCAA coaches of all time: Coach K favorite part of this was watching DWade just dominate. It was awesome to see this committed, phenomenal player rise above and execute so beautifully. These past 2 years my love and respect for Dwyane as a player and a man has grown significantly.

Rashard Lewis returning after suspension.

3-point shots will increase, team defensive improvement all around and DH will have more time in the paint! These are a few things that will follow with the return of Lewis. He was suspended for the first ten games due to “violating” the NBA's Anti-Drug program. Lewis tested positive for the testosterone-producing steroid commonly referred to as DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone). This was part of a supplement he started taking late in the season and had no idea it contained a banned substance.

Where's my #1 team at?

So, the Gators survived another game and I survived Saturday without experiencing a heart attack. However, I did suffer from complete exhaustion and went to bed almost immediately following the game. As most Gator fans know, it's not often we come out and play our best an entire game. It's usually a good 1st half or a good 2nd half. Saturday's game? Not sure had much of a "good" anything. Tim Tebow seemed to be off in lala land - ridiculous amounts of sacks, overthrown passes - it wasn't pretty, folks.

Talking To Chicks Who Love Hoops (Rose)

Welcome to Talking To Chicks Who Love Hoops. We all know female sports fans are a hot commodity for us dudes. Maybe not as rare as we think but us guys always think they’re inferior when it comes to sports knowledge. Well, in this feature, I talk to them about the NBA and check what goes through their heads. And I ask them about everything else in an attempt to make this more fun and versatile instead of just straight sports. And watch out; these chicks might know more than you guys. Hell, they might even know more than yours truly.

Talking To Chicks Who Love Hoops: The Big Trade Piece

Originally posted on TheNoLookPass June 26th, 2009

Shaq going to Cleveland was one of the many trades that rocked the NBA world. This may be Shaq’s last chance to get a ring and this may be Cleveland’s last chance to get a championship before LeBron James goes into the 2010 free agent market.

I got reaction from my favorite NBA friends about this trade and how it affects their teams. Yup. Them chicks who love hoops.

Talking To Chicks Who Love Hoops (Colleen Burns)

Previously, I talked to Alexis about hoops. Now I talk to her “bff”, Colleen Burns. I’ve actually been talking to Colleen for a while now on Twitter, that evil networking thing. And then I think she offhandedly mentioned about wanting a guy that likes basketball. So I asked her hand in marriage. The rest is history.

Talking To Chicks Who Love Hoops (AlexisKN)

Originally posted on TheNoLookPass April 14th, 2009

In an attempt to have more versatility in this blog, I decided to start a series called, “Talking To Chicks Who Love Hoops.” I basically pick their brains about hoops and just about everything else… so this is really not your typical “NBA entry”.