National Running Day: What Do You Run For?

We're taking a break from the NBA madness for a moment today (at least until Game 2 tonight.)

Yesterday, June 1, was National Running Day. This event was organized for those who love to run to join each other all over the country and share their love of running. The event website states, "We may run alone, but on National Running Day, we celebrate together! On this day, runners everywhere share their passion for a lifestyle that is one of the best, and simplest, ways to stay fit—and so much more. You can head out solo to clear your mind, gab with your regular running buddies, or turn an unsuspecting friend into a running fiend. This day is for us!"

I Told You So

I hate to sit here and tell you I told you so. So I won't do it. On two occasions I feel I have the right too. One being Jim Tressel and two being Dwight Howard. Right now I'll just focus on D12 because I'm sure I can go on and on about Ohio State. 

I am just so happy that Dwight finally came out and said he doesn't want to leave Orlando. The man made no indication that he wanted to, he never said he wanted too, and the media was just acting like a bunch of hungry lions making up stories. Now the media gods are going to flip turn all his words around. I'm sure the next Sentinel article will read "Dwight only staying until he closes on house in LA, that's what he meant." 

Mavs vs. Heat Finals, Round 2

I've been replaying the Playoff Finals from 2006 in my head for the past 5 years... It still hurts, for me. That was the first and last time the Mavericks made it to the finals. Until now. And once again, they face the Miami Heat.

After the Heat's less than "legendary" season, I am honestly surprised to see them in the finals. And we all know I'm not a LeBron fan, so I would've much rather seen the Mavs facing the Bulls or even Celtics (shocker, I know.) But here we are again... And I'm praying to the sweet basketball gods that Dirk and the Mavs can pull it out this time.

Featured Foundation: Women's Sports Foundation


WSFThe LadyBallers mission is to increase the appreciation of female sports fans and we realize that we don't really cover female sports, however, that doesn't mean we don't respect and appreciate the female athletes. Today for the Featured Foundation, we are featuring the leading authority on the participation of women and girls in sports—advocates for equality, educates the public, conducts research and offers grants to promote sports and physical activity for girls and women: The Women’s Sports Foundation.

The Women’s Sports Foundation is an educational nonprofit (501(c)(3) charity) organization founded in 1974 by tennis legend Billie Jean King in 1974. This foundation builds on her legacy as a champion athlete, advocate of social justice and agent of change. They strive for gender equity and fight discrimination in sports. 

Money, Money, Blah

When I thought about what to chat about here today a few things passed through my mind. But there's only one that I think we all can relate to, paying college athletes. How can we all relate to it? Most of us were probably college students at some point. A lot of us probably paid for it ourselves, or are still paying for it, and I'm sure we all wish someone would have just handed us $5000 a year for clothes and transportation. Are you kidding me? Five thousand dollars? Whoah.

Anatomy of a Point Guard Final Tally

I know the playoffs are in full swing and things are getting crazy, but I am back with the final stats on "Anatomy of a Point Guard" for the regular season. It took me so long because of my lack of internet capabilities for almost two months (talk about withdraw). Anyways for those of you just joining us, I came up with my own little equation to see just how productive a point guard is every minute of the game. 

The equation is
[(APG/TOPG)(PPG)]/(48 minutes)
Got it? Good.

Female Sports Professional: Susan Lulgjuraj

susanHappy Female Sports Professional Monday LadyBaller fans! Today we have a northerner holding it down in AC, NJ! Susan Lulgjuraj has been in the sports industry for roughly 12 years and is currently a staff writer at the Press of Atlantic City. She covers everything from the Philadelphia Phillies to local sports with an occasional poker story throw in there, I mean come on, she rocks Atlantic City, it's a must!

Please give us a little background on how you got to your current role: I saw the job listed on and I applied. They loved an article I did on the Yankee Stadium Bleacher Creatures, where I spent a good portion of my teens and early 20s. I interviewed for the job the day of Game 7 of the 2004 ALCS with the Yankees against the Red Sox. I told them I couldn’t stay long because I have a ticket in my pocket burning a hole (Yankee Stadium was two hours away). By the time I got back to New York, I believe the Yankees were already down 6-0. I went home instead and crossed my fingers that I got the job.

Featured Tweeters: @patmuldowney & @reddusfoximus

Happy Friday the 13th! Going off of yesterday's "Social Media's Influence..." I have to give a shout out and #FF to some great sports tweeps Patrick and Pam: @patmuldowney and @reddusfoximus. Both are sports nuts who are witty and informative. 


Social Media's Influence...

A tweet caught my eye last week from @patmuldowney and I was intrigued to click because I agree with just the teaser:  "This is SO true. Social media has changed the way I watch sports and get my news." I was excited to see it was a blog post by a female: "breakintheaction."

socialsportsFrom the opening lines "I’ll be the first to admit: I’m addicted to the Internets" I knew this girl was in my head. She goes on to mention that when at a sporting event she tries to not tune into social media with Twitter updates and FB feeds but in some instances fails and gives into the technology even though the action is going on right in front of her face. I do the same thing; I attempt to shut out social media during live sporting events but it's so impossible now since it's so accepted in the world to just be distracted by your phone. You want everyone to know what is going on where you are at and share your excitement even though there are 200,000 other people updating the same social media outlets. It's crazy that technology has changed the way I not only get sports and news reports and updates; it actually changed my entire sporting experience. Yes, even the chatter before sporting events just get you so excited and pumped. I still even get tickled when I see all the sports reporters at their computer switching back and forth from chats to twitter to FB, it's so crazy to me.

Lakers: 0-4??

The NBA playoffs this season are the most unpredictable playoffs I can ever remember watching. I would not take bets on who are going to be in the finals because it’s just impossible to predict. If you were to tell me the NBA's career leading coach in playoff winnings, Phil Jackson, and his team the LA Lakers were going to get swept in the second round of the NBA playoffs to the Dallas Mavericks I would have laughed in your face. Next thing you know you are going to tell me the United States found and killed Bin Laden...