Make The Climb!

Being a lover of all things Philly, I follow updates on Twitter for key words. Recently a story popped up that touched me in so many ways. Check out this woman’s journey to fulfill a life long dream of climbing the “Rocky Steps” at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Glenda Watson Hyatt was born with cerebral palsy, mostly affecting her muscle coordination, balance and speech, created her drive and determination to live life to the fullest even more prominent. This “this I’ll-do-it-myself girl” really exudes the definition of amazing. 

NBA All-Star Orlando 2012

If I had to describe Orlando All Star Weekend 2012 in one word it would be, LEGENDARY. And since I am going through withdrawals this weekend, I thought I would relive it by posting all about it.

All Star

Featured Foundation: The CP3 Foundation

I feel Chris Paul is one of the most talented, honorable, humble point guards in the NBA. Fun fact, did you know he was in People's 100 Most Beautiful People list back on 2006 AND GQ's Men of Year in 2008? You wouldn't be able to tell from his humbleness i know. On top of that he spends his time off with his son whom he adores as well as raising money for the community he grew up in.

Chris Paul


Must See TV

If you pay any attention to me at all you may know I'm a little overzealous when it comes to Duke and Penn State. That being said, a month or so ago when I heard this rumor that ESPN was going to do a special on Joe Paterno and Mike Krzyzewski I about went through the roof. What a grand idea! Well the time has come for this special to air. This is something that will only happen once in our lifetimes. the two greatest coaches in the history of their respective sports together at once (JoePa is pretty accepted as being the best, Coach K can be argued but in the end I'm sure he'll win).

Featured Foundation: The Tim Tebow Foundation

Sports fans always have diverse feelings on Tim Tebow as a football player, but one thing you can not deny is his admiration to help people.


When Tebow still played college football for the Florida Gators, NCAA rules did not allow him to start his own foundation. Some people would have seen that roadblock and stopped, but not Tim. He partnered up with the school and several other UF students and started: First and 15. This UF Student Government is still active on the UF campus and now raises money for several charites, including our feature foundation, The Tim Tebow Foundation.

What was it like to work for Mark Cuban?

"Cuban is an animal!" - Tim Sanders

Dallas Mavericks are Champs!

As soon as Game 6 of the NBA finals was over and the Mavs were the champs I shot up a quick thank you to the basketball gods for making all things right in the basketball world!

It was my love for fellow LadyBaller, Alexis, and my hate for the Miami Heat that had me cheering and routing for the Mavs during this season. I learned more and more about the Mavs are realized what everyone meant when they said they are a real team.

They have a true veteran lineup with players like 17 year baller Jason Kidd, 10 year veteran JET Terry and 13 year, 10 time NBA Allstar, Dirk Nowitzki.

National Running Day: What Do You Run For?

We're taking a break from the NBA madness for a moment today (at least until Game 2 tonight.)

Yesterday, June 1, was National Running Day. This event was organized for those who love to run to join each other all over the country and share their love of running. The event website states, "We may run alone, but on National Running Day, we celebrate together! On this day, runners everywhere share their passion for a lifestyle that is one of the best, and simplest, ways to stay fit—and so much more. You can head out solo to clear your mind, gab with your regular running buddies, or turn an unsuspecting friend into a running fiend. This day is for us!"

Featured Foundation: Women's Sports Foundation


WSFThe LadyBallers mission is to increase the appreciation of female sports fans and we realize that we don't really cover female sports, however, that doesn't mean we don't respect and appreciate the female athletes. Today for the Featured Foundation, we are featuring the leading authority on the participation of women and girls in sports—advocates for equality, educates the public, conducts research and offers grants to promote sports and physical activity for girls and women: The Women’s Sports Foundation.

The Women’s Sports Foundation is an educational nonprofit (501(c)(3) charity) organization founded in 1974 by tennis legend Billie Jean King in 1974. This foundation builds on her legacy as a champion athlete, advocate of social justice and agent of change. They strive for gender equity and fight discrimination in sports. 

Female Sports Professional: Alana Glass

AGHave you ever thought to yourself, "Gosh, I really want to be an owner?"

Females, we hear you! Yes, there may be a higher mountain to climb for us and that is why for this week's Female Sports Professional, we wanted to dedicate it to a Alana Glass who believes... "To me ownership is the opportunity to fulfill my entrepreneurial spirit. Create something from nothing. Be my own boss. Be innovative. Inspire and shape tomorrows athletes. Entertain fans. Renew the competitive spirit.  Facilitate teamwork. Make a difference. Dream big. Now that I have a vision for the future, a professional degree and work experience to match I am ready to say I Want To Be An Owner." 

What did she do? She took many steps and shares them on her site where she is the Founder and CEO of  She is also launching Kennedy Clay Sports & Entertainment this summer so make sure to stay tuned for that!