Featured Foundation: The CP3 Foundation

I feel Chris Paul is one of the most talented, honorable, humble point guards in the NBA. Fun fact, did you know he was in People's 100 Most Beautiful People list back on 2006 AND GQ's Men of Year in 2008? You wouldn't be able to tell from his humbleness i know. On top of that he spends his time off with his son whom he adores as well as raising money for the community he grew up in.

Chris Paul


Orlando 3-on-3 Tournament: Hoops for Heroes

Do you love playing Basketball? Do you want to donate your skills and time to a great cause? If you answered "yes" to both of these questions, this event is for you!

Hoop for Heroes is a 3 on 3 basketball tournament that will include an incredible Dunk Contest and Three Point shoot out that will take place on the former Orlando Magic Practice court. Games through out the weekend will be on that court as well


Featured Foundation: The Tim Tebow Foundation

Sports fans always have diverse feelings on Tim Tebow as a football player, but one thing you can not deny is his admiration to help people.


When Tebow still played college football for the Florida Gators, NCAA rules did not allow him to start his own foundation. Some people would have seen that roadblock and stopped, but not Tim. He partnered up with the school and several other UF students and started: First and 15. This UF Student Government is still active on the UF campus and now raises money for several charites, including our feature foundation, The Tim Tebow Foundation.

Featured Foundation: The Dirk Nowitzki Foundation

Did you know that Dirk Nowitzki has a foundation? I thought it was appropriate and just good timing to feature Dirk's foundation today. Founded in Austin, Texas in 2001, it's nothing elaborate or painfully specific as their mission is to provide education, health and well being for children around the world. 


There are various projects they help out and Dirk is very hands on and always taking the time to get out into the community and help where needed. Dirk takes his work seriously on the court, but he is also serious about making a difference off the court. Each year he makes hundreds of appearances and signs thousands of autographs in his desire to help children. In December 2007, the NBA honored him with the NBA Community Assist Award in recognition of his outstanding efforts in the community and for his ongoing philanthropic work. Whether it is meeting children throughout the season for the Make-A-Wish Foundation or purchasing and delivering thousands of dollars worth of Christmas toys for children in a local hospital, Dirk loves to give back to children.

Featured Foundation: Women's Sports Foundation


WSFThe LadyBallers mission is to increase the appreciation of female sports fans and we realize that we don't really cover female sports, however, that doesn't mean we don't respect and appreciate the female athletes. Today for the Featured Foundation, we are featuring the leading authority on the participation of women and girls in sports—advocates for equality, educates the public, conducts research and offers grants to promote sports and physical activity for girls and women: The Women’s Sports Foundation.

The Women’s Sports Foundation is an educational nonprofit (501(c)(3) charity) organization founded in 1974 by tennis legend Billie Jean King in 1974. This foundation builds on her legacy as a champion athlete, advocate of social justice and agent of change. They strive for gender equity and fight discrimination in sports. 

Featured Foundation: Vinny Lecavalier Foundation

As you know, us LadyBallers love to feature Foundations and Organizations started or supported by athletes. We think these efforts really need so additional attention because athletes are doing wonders for so many things other than the sports they are playing. They are going above and beyond their role as a sports figure and we appreciate that as fans. We will be featuring organizations that we respect and believe in and hope you take the time to learn about them. If there is one you would like us to feature, give us a shout!

VLC2I have never been a huge hockey fan but I have been forced to watch and attend some lightning games because of a former boyfriend of mine.

March Madness For A Cause!

mmAs you all know the LadyBallers are all about recognizing players for their work and commitment to community and organizations. Well, we also like to do what we can for organizations that are close to our heart as well.

Last year we participated in Relay for Life and we loved it so much we are doing it again this year. Find out why Alexis and Jessica relay and also catch a peek at what we did last year.

Elizabeth is heading up the team and we are giving as much time and effort as we can. We are also looking for generous donations and team members. There is also a FUN and FABULOUS way to help out this year... MARCH MADNESS WAY! 

Pat Williams: The mission is remission

pWilliamsIt was announced this week that the, always smiling, Orlando Magic Senior VP, Pat Williams was diagnosed with blood multiple myeloma, an incurable, but treatable blood cancer. During the press conference on Wednesday, he proudly stated that he plans to beat the blood cancer he has been diagnosed with and has started an aggressive treatment.

During the press conferene, he was wearing a shirt that stated: "The mission is remission." With the personal and professional history of this amazing man, believe it, he will beat this!

Dwight Howard Launching "Gifts from the Heart" Today

Following a history of generous giving, Dwight Howard is pleased to announce the launch of his new Orlando based foundation, the D12 Foundation with "Gifts from the Heart," this Valentine's Day. Celebrating the launch, D12 Foundation will make contributions to organizations close to Dwight's heart and motivate others to do the same. Dwight will visit four outstanding local charities to present donations and get to know the clients who benefit from these charities, as well as the teams that work endlessly to help those in need.

Help Chris Duhon Stand Tall Against Hunger

Well, since we don't have a Magic game to recap today (let's get these arenas in shape, people!) I wanted to focus on a fantastic event coming up with Chris Duhon. The Chris Duhon Stand Tall Foundation works towards helping fund education, welfare, and recreational initiatives. Their mission states:

“Everyday is an opportunity to contribute to the quality of a child's life, through recreation, education and welfare. Chris Duhon's Stand Tall Foundation is committed to building up children who are the foundation of our communities. We believe an educated child has unlimited possibilities and it is our desire to serve the community in ways that are significant and will directly benefit the community's most valued citizens, children and youth.”