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Featured Tweeters: @patmuldowney & @reddusfoximus

Happy Friday the 13th! Going off of yesterday's "Social Media's Influence..." I have to give a shout out and #FF to some great sports tweeps Patrick and Pam: @patmuldowney and @reddusfoximus. Both are sports nuts who are witty and informative. 


Featured Tweeter: @nbadraftblog

Duh, Winning; Happy, happy Friday everyone! We are throwin' it back to the gentlemen today and featuring a supportive, driven, NBA ace: Ed Isaacson / @nbadraftblog.  He is an NBA Draft Analyst as well as the Owner/Writer of NBADraftBlog.com. Also, he's got street cred as a member of United States Basketball Writers Association (USBWA).


Why should you follow him?

Featured Tweeter: @JoannePistonFan

Happy, happy Friday everyone! It's time for another Featured Tweeter episode, and this week it's the oh so lovely @JoannePistonFan! Obviously, she's a Pistons fan... But she's so much more than that!

Why should you follow her?

She's really cool, sweet, funny and has a super cute dog who has her own twitter account! (@RoxiePistonFan) Joanne is someone I've been following for a long time, and she just gets better and better! She knows her stuff on basketball, baseball, and football. She has some great commentary during games! So much fun to follow her stream. Plus, you get to see what's going on in her life from what movies she's watching to how she's doing on her Wii Fit workouts! Go girl!

Featured Tweeter: Farewell Elizabeth

We heard some sad news this week from a fellow LadyBaller. Elizabeth is leaving the group to pursue her own projects and commitments. Sad, sad, sad.

Liz, thank you. Thank you for being one of the core ladies of this group who really put in a lot of time and effort to get it up and running. Thank you for creating our awesome logo and website! Thanks for your insightful blog posts. Thanks for always being supportive and helpful, and thank you for being our Relay for Life team captain this year.

Featured Tweeter: List Edition

Happy Friday! How long has #FF been going on? Feels like years! You know how they say it really doesn’t matter how many followers you have, just how relevant you are? Well, lists are a great way to break it down on relevance. I am sharing some of my lists that I keep up with on daily that I think you will be interested in.

Featured Tweeter: @DaniDiGiacomo

Happy Friday everyone! And can you even believe it's December?! Ahhhh! But I'd like to welcome you to this month with a new featured tweeter: the lovely @DaniDiGiacomo! This sexy lass is new to my twitter stream, and I'm loving her wit! She's been super sweet and is also a fellow Lebron hater, so why not?

Featured Tweeter: @kstuart

Here at the LadyBallers, we may not chat about women who play professional sports much, but we sure do LOVE to chat and highlight women behind the scenes in sports. So, we have a new feature launching this month where we go behind the women working in the sports world and dive deep into their experiences and opinions. Our first lovely lady is going to be Miss Kathryn (Kat) Stuart. So follow her for sure @kstuart and look for her feature coming up in the coming weeks.

Featured Tweeter: @MiaRoland

It's time for another amazing Featured Tweeter and I can't think of anyone else that I want to tell you about other than @MiaRoland. I had the pleasure of meeting Mia through the LadyBallers twitter account and since then she has grown to be a great friend. She is a die hard Orlando Magic fan and is always in the know about what's going on with them. Not only is she a big sports fan, but she is a wonderful woman who is an inspiration to me personally.

I've had the pleasure of meeting her a few times in person and I'm secretly hoping she moves to Orlando some day. =) I encourage you to give @MiaRoland a shout out - she's a great person to have a chat with and is always wearing a smile on her face!

Featured Tweeter: CoachBook

Bill Vasko (@CoachBook) is one of the first sports contacts I made on twitter.  We always chatted about sports and personal struggles and lessons.  He is extremely caring, dedicated and intelligent.  He is the brainchild behind http://www.mycoachbook.com which is a social networking site fo

Featured Tweeter: @orlandomagicgrl & @amberrashelle

Talk about females who love sports @OrlandoMagicGrl & @AmberRashelle. On this lovely Friday the 13th I have two chicks you will not want to miss as they are chock full of enthusiasm, information and passion for all things sports related.  So much so that they both chose a career in sports. Both currently work for the Orlando Magic and are BUSY with helping get the new Amway Center ready for opening this October!

Follow Melissa (@orlandomagicgrl) & Amber (@amberrashelle) so you can get a great perspective of sports through two vigorus fans as they tweet from basketball to baseball to football and then some! Melissa is a self-proclaimed "Sports fanatic-Illini!" She loves her GB Packers, StL Cardinals, and of course, the MAGIC! Amber is also a sports fanatic but also has another weakness and it is... shopaholic. She loves her Magic, Indians, Steelers, and Duke BB, and follows the Gators, Mets and Rays too!