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Featured Foundation: The Tim Tebow Foundation

Sports fans always have diverse feelings on Tim Tebow as a football player, but one thing you can not deny is his admiration to help people.


When Tebow still played college football for the Florida Gators, NCAA rules did not allow him to start his own foundation. Some people would have seen that roadblock and stopped, but not Tim. He partnered up with the school and several other UF students and started: First and 15. This UF Student Government is still active on the UF campus and now raises money for several charites, including our feature foundation, The Tim Tebow Foundation.

Pick a QB, Any QB

For anyone that has been watching college football, this season has been STRANGE to say the least. Number 1 teams are losing to unranked teams, teams that were always ranked aren’t ranked and the only word I can really find for this is ODD.

The 2010 Gators at a Glance

Ah yes, it’s been such a glorious month with the return of football! I’ve asked my good friend (and LadyBallers guest blogger), Jim Harris, to join me in discussing the Gator football season so far. His responses are in blue.

John Brantley's Moustache vs. LadyBallers Moustaches

I’m seriously itching to have the football season start. Does anyone feel like the days are just dragging and the universe is torturing us before it begins? Um…I do.

With only 9 days left before the first game of the season starts, I’m not going to discuss the college team rankings or which teams I think are going to be good or bad but I simply want to discuss John Brantley’s moustache.

Heisman Statues to Be Built for the Florida Gators

The regular season for Florida Gator football will be starting in 74 days and in January of 2011, the University of Florida will have three new statues standing tall on its campus. Yes, that’s right – Florida’s three Heisman winners, Steve Spurrier, Danny Wuerffel, and Tim Tebow will be honored with larger than life statues outside of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.

“The statues are a way of marking the success of Gator players who have won one of college football’s most significant awards,” said Florida’s Athletic Director, Jeremy Foley.

Featured Tweeter: @MagicalHoops

I met Don VanDemark through the Florida Drupal Community locally here in Orlando. Don and I both share a love for the Florida Gators and the Orlando Magic, so we had a TON of things to talk about.

The Most Wonderful Time of Year

Wowzers! There is so much going on this week in the sports world and we LadyBallers are loving every minute of it!

The NHL playoffs are going on. A memorable moment of the week was when defender Dan Boyle of the Sharks scored a goal on his own team to loose the game in overtime to the Avalanche. YIKES! These games have been intense with lots of over time games, BUT I do believe Sidney Crosby will lead the Pens to the Stanley Cup!

Featured Tweeters: @NCAAFootballMan and @OSaadelson

It's time we got some football action in our weekly featured tweeter post! I've been following Matt Humphrey (@NCAAFootballMan) and Andrea Adelson (@OSaadelson) for quite some time and they have definitely been my go-to folks for anything college football (and more!) If anyone knows me, I am a HUGE Gators fan, and I know I can always count on Matt and Andrea to have all of the most recent news and articles.

Sports Memories (the joys and the tears)

Guest blogger, Jim Harris.

As I grow older, I realize most of my fondest memories are either sports related, or have sports involved somehow or another. The emotions, either negative or positive, leave a lasting impression on us. 

I was a wee child in 1976, (shut up, I'm young at heart) living in Sarasota, FL,  it was popular to embrace the new expansion team the NFL awarded Tampa Bay. I loved the Bucs, but my heart belonged to the Steelers. Mainly because of 2 people, Lynn Swan and John Stallworth. Swan had so many great catches; it is hard to narrow them down in my memory. But John Stallworth had one that has stuck with me all my life. It was during Super Bowl XIV vs. the LA Rams. Bradshaw threw a rope down the right sidelines, through the out stretched hands of Rod Perry to hit Stallworth, running full speed stretching in a strange yoga like position.

Should there be a pro-style throwing motion?

There’s been a lot of commotion about Tim Tebow’s “new” throwing motion these days. Tebow has been tutored to a "pro-style" way by working with a team of coaches over the past few weeks. Changes range from how he's actually holding a football, the way he shifts from waist to his shoulder, and most importantly his footing -- learning to take 3 and 5-step drops.

I spoke with my Gator go-to guy, and also our guest blogger, Jim Harris about this issue yesterday. "The NFL is so closed minded, and refuses to go outside their blueprint. The defensive linemen in the NFL have stripped balls out of the hands of the QB's with the conventional 'pro' throwing motion." Then Jim threw this at me, "Tebow has more accolades and has done more on the college level than any of the Hall of Fame QB's did in college, and they are not going to take a chance on him because of a throwing motion??"