Must See TV

If you pay any attention to me at all you may know I'm a little overzealous when it comes to Duke and Penn State. That being said, a month or so ago when I heard this rumor that ESPN was going to do a special on Joe Paterno and Mike Krzyzewski I about went through the roof. What a grand idea! Well the time has come for this special to air. This is something that will only happen once in our lifetimes. the two greatest coaches in the history of their respective sports together at once (JoePa is pretty accepted as being the best, Coach K can be argued but in the end I'm sure he'll win).

Featured Foundation: The Tim Tebow Foundation

Sports fans always have diverse feelings on Tim Tebow as a football player, but one thing you can not deny is his admiration to help people.


When Tebow still played college football for the Florida Gators, NCAA rules did not allow him to start his own foundation. Some people would have seen that roadblock and stopped, but not Tim. He partnered up with the school and several other UF students and started: First and 15. This UF Student Government is still active on the UF campus and now raises money for several charites, including our feature foundation, The Tim Tebow Foundation.


I've been avoiding this topic for several weeks in a row but for whatever reason now seems to be a perfect time. Oh, Ohio State. I almost don't want to discuss this here because it seems like every time I do I get ripped apart telling the facts. It's almost as if some people believe that the Buckeyes are infallible and that they redeem the state of Ohio. I know that if I start going on about tattoos, cars, and free meals I will be told it's all speculation. Therefore I will try not to harp on them. There is one fact that just came to light and that is Terelle Pryor decided to leave Ohio State. Yep, shocker there, huh? Him leaving does not phase me one bit, but I do have to laugh out loud at one thing. He no longer has to cooperate with the NCAA investigation.

Money, Money, Blah

When I thought about what to chat about here today a few things passed through my mind. But there's only one that I think we all can relate to, paying college athletes. How can we all relate to it? Most of us were probably college students at some point. A lot of us probably paid for it ourselves, or are still paying for it, and I'm sure we all wish someone would have just handed us $5000 a year for clothes and transportation. Are you kidding me? Five thousand dollars? Whoah.

C-C-Congrats Packers (It's hard to say)

Oh the Superbowl, I don't even know where to begin. This was a weird one for me. We all know my feelings on the Steelers, and you probably know my feelings on the Packers as well.

Let's go back to my childhood for a quick second. I was born a Steelers fan, then it was drilled in my head to be a Redskins fan and a Packers fan. A couple hours before the game I actually called my Uncle Pat (the man who made me a GB fan) and we had a long discussion about the game.

Fan From Cradle to Grave

I saw the most adorable picture on the Today Show of newborn babies in Pittsburgh wrapped in Steelers Terrible Towels, and it got me thinking. Some fans really are die-hard, all or nothing, fanatical fans from the cradle to the grave.

Here We Go

Oh, the SuperBowl. I always have mixed feelings about this game. The last time the Steelers won I compared it to having a baby (not that I would know just went off of what I hear). It's the most glorious feeling of the moment, but it's mixed with sadness because you know it's probably not going to happen again (ie post-partum depression). I still get reminded of that quote every once in a while because it was apparently one of the funnier things that have ever come out of my mouth while tears were ruining my black and yellow paint.

My pre-game anxiety isn't half as high as it is during the playoffs, I have never really ever figured out why. Maybe because it doesn't matter, no matter what happens I can always say, "Man, remember how fun it was when we went to the SuperBowl in 2011? (And in 1996, and in 2005, and in 2008)." We lost in 1996, but in 2005 when we won, I lost it. I was crying, I remember a mosh pit occurring with 60% of the people I didn't know. My mother yelled at us, but I informed her that this was the fourth win in her life while it was our first and she needed to back up and let us enjoy it.

Female Sports Professional: Justine Brown

Me, Sydney Smallbone, Kelley Cain, Vicki BaughWe have had such a huge appreciation for our feature: Female Sports Professionals! Thank you! We hope you are learning and being inspired as much as we are from these amazing ladies.

Today we make way for a lady who has experience all over courts and fields: Justine Brown. A new grad from the University of Tennessee with various roles under her belt including Fox Sports Radio, NFL Network and team manager for Coach Summitt and the Lady Vols' basketball team. Currently she is a Production-Assistant with the NFL Network. Let’s find out more about her!

Am I Nuts?

It's no secret I'm passionate about sports, more importantly I have insane passion towards my teams. This stems from my childhood. I've asked myself this weekend if it's even healthy? Let me tell you some stories (though I probably shouldn't). 

Imagine me as a 11 year old girl who would make herself sleep on the floor every tiime Duke would lose a game. In my mind the guys knew I was punishing myself therefore they would play harder the next game. I forgot to mention I had hardwood floors in my bedroom. I have had the same Penn State football jersey since the 1992 season. My beloved tear away material, number 32, Russell brand, and I still call it my Ki-Jana jersey (though about 10 more guys have worn the number since I'm sure). I tried to buy a new jersey last season.

My Completely Unbiased Thoughts

Usually my posts are filled with facts and numbers. This one is nowhere near as factual or educational as one may expect from me. This post is all about how the Baltimore Ravens make me sick to my stomach. I hate them. I hate everything about them. Have I mentioned I am a Steelers fan?