2011 Phillies: Thank You for a Great Season!

Exactly one year ago today, our friend and guest blogger, Marisa Gothieposted a note thanking our 2010 Phillies... crazy how time flies and seasons swoop by.phils

Note:   It was my hope that when I was writing the reflection of this season it wouldn’t be until November; written after many celebrations, a parade down Broad Street and a ring ceremony in the future.  Sadly, this is not the case.  I needed time to compose myself after the NLDS loss to the Cardinals but hope you enjoy this reflection. One phrase to describe the 2011 Philadelphia Phillies Season….roller-coaster.  A roller coaster filled with high hills and low dips, one with twists and turns and flips that can turn you 180 degrees.  It was a season highlighted with some of the highest highs this franchise has ever seen:  102 wins, shattered pitching stats, batting crowns won and marred with inquiries and non production at times.


Guest Blogger: Marisa Gothie

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet my all time favorite Phillie, Darren “Dutch” Daulton. Darren was making an appearance at Appetites on Main, in Exton, PA.  I tried not to act like too much of a crazed fan but all my dreams of meeting him came true.

When Darren played for the Phillies he was a force to be reckoned with.  All his teammates looked up to him and all the fans wanted to know him.  He played hard and epitomized what a Phillie was supposed to be.

I fell in love with Darren Daulton after Terry Mulholland threw his no hitter in 1989.  I was watching the post game coverage of this feat, when the most handsome man I had ever seen filled the screen.  He had bright eyes, a strong jaw and, his muscles bulged. I was hooked.  It was from this point on that I became an avid Phillies fan and gave my heart to Dutch.

Spring Training 2010 - LET’S GO PHILLIES!

Guest Blogger: Marisa Gothie

Spring training 2010 has officially begun…and it ended with a “W” for the Phillies. It was only fitting that the first battle of the Spring was against the team that broke the hearts of every Phillies fan and as Jayson Werth put it in an interview that aired today, “left a bitter taste in all our mouths.”

When the Phillies last saw the NY Yankees they were celebrating the fact that they dethroned the Phillies as world champs. They were jumping up and down and celebrating a victory that Philadelphia came so close to grasping.

Spring Training

Great Sports Movies - Thru The Eyes of Marisa Gothie

Guest Blogger: Marisa Gothie

The past few months in the Philadelphia area, the weather has been so cold and bad that all I’ve wanted to do is curl up on the couch with a good book or a good movie.  All the movie watching has gotten me thinking about how many good movies there are that have depicted sports in such a real and memorable way.  I haven’t had a chance to see The Blind Side yet, but with it being nominated for an Oscar and the heartwarming story it tells, I’ve decided to list my all time favorite sports movies (well, the top 10). There are a few I wanted to put in but couldn’t tell if they were too kiddy like (i.e. The Sandlot, Bring It On, The Bad News Bears) or too much Tom Cruise (All The Right Moves, Jerry McGuire) but I have narrowed my list down to 10. 

I’d love to hear if you agree or disagree and I am always looking for new movie suggestions! 

Phillies VS Mets: The NL East Rivalry

Guest Blogger: Marisa Gothie Pitchers and Catchers reported to their respective Spring homes this week. And for me, that brings great news! As a north-east girl who can’t stand the cold, the start of Spring Training signals the start to everything I love: warmer/better weather, anticipation of days spent lounging in the sun, and my favorite boys of summer readying themselves to take the field.

Female Fans

Guest Blogger: Marisa Gothie Yes, I'm a girl and I'm a fan. A sports fan. After reading Colleen’s Post from last week it got my wheels turning. Why are females consistently questioned about being "real" fans? While I don't agree with the snide remarks these boys made to Colleen (the you aren't good looking enough..) I have gotten some idea as to why men feel this way.

I've got the Phillies Pheaver

(Guest blogger, Marisa Gothie)

To piggy back on my blog from last week, congratulations to Matt Schaub for being named MVP at the pro bowl! Secondly, I want to thank Colleen for giving me the opportunity to post on this site. It is a great outlet for me to write about my passion for Philadelphia sports! That brings me to the topic of this weeks blog: Why do I love the Phillies so much?