Orlando Magic

Orlando Magic present: Hoops & Heels

We teased this idea around two years ago and it's finally taking place! The Orlando Magic are hosting a female specific networking, learning and game event. Hoops & Heels - Check out all the details and come hang out with your fellow LadyBallers!

Orlando Magic: “WE WILL”


wewillOrlando Magic team up local advertising firm, Great Big Circle, to create the new slogan which was designed to promise fans and partners that the Magic will rebuild. Welcome the unveil of the New Marketing Campaign:WE WILL

Resiliency, it's true, the Orlando Magic have that for sure. We were new, we were amazing, we were mild, we were close and now, refreshing again. The Magic have unveiled a new marketing campaign, “WE WILL.” This rebranded hopes to ‘turns the page’ on the next chapter in Orlando Magic history. The Magic report that "as the team and the Magic brand continue to grow, this evolution speaks to the Magic’s continued desire to put a championship product on and off the court." I apprecaite that but really, what team that isn't in the elite eight doesn't have desire like that? I do hope this new full force will help push Orlando into a new realm and really "believe"!

NBA All-Star Orlando 2012

If I had to describe Orlando All Star Weekend 2012 in one word it would be, LEGENDARY. And since I am going through withdrawals this weekend, I thought I would relive it by posting all about it.

All Star

All-Star Weekend Is Here!

It's here: Orlando All-Star Weekend! Let the madness begin...

This is my first All-Star weekend and I have no idea what to expect. My packed schedule kicks off tonight as I am attending orientation for the 2012 NBA All-Star Jam Session all week. I am working a private event tomorrow night which is rumored to be a Magic

season ticket holder event, Thursday afternoon, Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon. I am looking forward to meeting pumped fans and all those attending from celebrities, players to sports professionals.

Female Sports Professional: Melanie Curtsinger

Want to know more about the Communications Manager for the Orlando Magic? We thought so. Happy Monday! We have the lovely Melanie Curtsinger featured as our Female Sports Professional today so brighten your day. In addition to her present role, she has been in the sports industry for 12 years ranging from roles with the University of Kentucky and the Philadelphia 76ers! Find out how her planning ahead scored her entrance into her dream job path.triple

Please give us a little background on how you got to your current role: I am the communications manager for the Orlando Magic, so that means I do everything from setting up media credentials for home games to writing press releases, setting up interviews/appearances for players and coaches, producing the game-day program and even traveling with the team as the PR rep. I completed a year-long internship at the University of Kentucky athletic media relations department after I graduated, did another 13-month internship in my current department with the Magic after that and worked for the Philadelphia 76ers as a public relations coordinator before joining the Magic again full-time in January 2006.

I Told You So

I hate to sit here and tell you I told you so. So I won't do it. On two occasions I feel I have the right too. One being Jim Tressel and two being Dwight Howard. Right now I'll just focus on D12 because I'm sure I can go on and on about Ohio State. 

I am just so happy that Dwight finally came out and said he doesn't want to leave Orlando. The man made no indication that he wanted to, he never said he wanted too, and the media was just acting like a bunch of hungry lions making up stories. Now the media gods are going to flip turn all his words around. I'm sure the next Sentinel article will read "Dwight only staying until he closes on house in LA, that's what he meant." 

Magic Playoffs - Round 1


playoffsPlayoff time, can you believe it? It's been one crazy NBA season so far, can't wait to see what the Playoffs bring!

Round 1:

Magic (52-30, No. 4 seed)


Hawks (44-38, No. 5 seed)

This season, The Hawks took the series 3-1 and, not to take away from the Hawks, but the Magic were in the middle of fighting some issues including sickness, injuries and the "blockbuster" trade! 

“I think our guys have been waiting for this for a while,” Magic Head Coach Stan Van Gundy said. “If we’re healthy and play at a good energy level and play to our potential, we can beat anybody.”

Stay Dwight!


Very recently a website and facebook fan page called StayDwight.com was started to encourage Orlando Magic center and superstar to stay in Orlando after his contract expires and I couldn't agree more! Howard's current contract runs through the 2012-13 season, but he could utilize an early termination option and become a free agent after next season.

Dwight has not only given new life to the Orlando Magic as a team, but he as also done so much for the city of Orlando. He is one of the most active members of the Magic within the community. Dwight is always donating time and money to children and families all around the city. He has won the Community Enrichment Award *five* times in the past six years and has his own non-profit organization, the D12 Foundation. His heart seems as big as his stature!

Pat Williams: The mission is remission

pWilliamsIt was announced this week that the, always smiling, Orlando Magic Senior VP, Pat Williams was diagnosed with blood multiple myeloma, an incurable, but treatable blood cancer. During the press conference on Wednesday, he proudly stated that he plans to beat the blood cancer he has been diagnosed with and has started an aggressive treatment.

During the press conferene, he was wearing a shirt that stated: "The mission is remission." With the personal and professional history of this amazing man, believe it, he will beat this!

Dwight Howard Launching "Gifts from the Heart" Today

Following a history of generous giving, Dwight Howard is pleased to announce the launch of his new Orlando based foundation, the D12 Foundation with "Gifts from the Heart," this Valentine's Day. Celebrating the launch, D12 Foundation will make contributions to organizations close to Dwight's heart and motivate others to do the same. Dwight will visit four outstanding local charities to present donations and get to know the clients who benefit from these charities, as well as the teams that work endlessly to help those in need.