Players of the Week

Featured Athlete: A.J. Rompza

The NBA lockout is still going on, WHACK! But basketball will still be going down in Orlando. The UCF Knights kicked off the season on Nov 5th against West VA Tech!

AJNow, AJ isn't just a UCF basketball player, he is one of the most positive people I have ever encountered! His twitter account is a must follow (@A3Rompza) filled with positive anecdotes, tweets of determination and of course some comical relief but the boys got skills! If you haven't seen this its a must watch!

In a sports world filled with cocky players, players getting arrested or doing anything other then playing the game they love, it was refreshing to come across such a young, vibrant, and talented player with such a positive outlook on life and a true love for the game. He nevers takes a day for granted and reminded me to do the same, AJ thank you for your inspiration! GO KNIGHTS!

On The Blake Bandwagon

BlakeOK I'll admit it, I've fallen victim to the Blake Griffin bandwagon!!

I can't help it! The kid has got something a lot of players in the NBA have been lacking: heart. He plays all 48 mins of every game with that NCAA heart and hustle, like he's chasing the ring every game.

His dunks are all over SportsCenter and he makes the game exciting and fun to watch.

Celtic Power

Celtic Power = Rondo

I know Alexis will not love this post as she is not a Rondo fan… not sure why, though.  Anyway, I know we mostly post about the Magic here and people say we are biased (or just that I am), but I am not!

I am truly a fan of every team in the NBA and each and every player who shows his peers respect and plays for the right reasons. 

Understanding that there are so many players in this association who do not get enough credit, I have to tag along with everyone else who is currently shouting out the greatness of  6'1" Rajon Rondo! It’s about time.  I know the Celtics have a ton of key players and most of the spotlight is on the current “Big Three.” However, Rondo should NOT be overlooked and his playoff performances thus far are the icing on the cake.