Make The Climb!

Being a lover of all things Philly, I follow updates on Twitter for key words. Recently a story popped up that touched me in so many ways. Check out this woman’s journey to fulfill a life long dream of climbing the “Rocky Steps” at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Glenda Watson Hyatt was born with cerebral palsy, mostly affecting her muscle coordination, balance and speech, created her drive and determination to live life to the fullest even more prominent. This “this I’ll-do-it-myself girl” really exudes the definition of amazing. 

The Ladies of UConn & Their 89 Game Winning Streak

Every morning before work, I turn on Good Morning America. I like to catch up on what is going on around the world and see what the crazy Florida weather has in store for the day. On Monday, GMA covered a story about the University of Connecticut’s Women’s basketball team. Why, you ask? Well, their basketball team has achieved something pretty amazing – they have won 88 games in a ROW!

Check out these additional stats:

Why I Relay


As you know the LadyBallers are participating in the Downtown Orlando Relay For Life to do our part in finding a cure for this terrible disease. I wanted to share with you the reason why I Relay and will continue to Relay in the future!

Lung cancer took away a dear friend from me much too soon. Laura was the kind of mom you wanted and my best friend, Lauren, was lucky enough to have her. Laura took care of us as if we were her kids. She was a second mother to me. Whenever you needed advice, no matter what is was for, Laura is who you talked to. Her home was my home. No knocking was neccasary and her door was always open.

USA Brings Home The Gold!


The United States is bringing home the Gold from the FIBA World Championship for the first time since 1994!

We clenched the gold in the final game against Turkey and finished 9-0.

The line up for the USA was filled with stars, but none shined brighter than Mr. Kevin Durant. Durant was nominated MVP of the entire tournament by international media representatives.

Where's the Heart?

Lately, I've been doing some thinking about the way professional athletes make their career decisions. I was having lunch yesterday with CB when she said, "Did you hear Shaq might be going to..." and I said, "Boston? Yeah..." For some reason, I'm beginning to realize that I have been wearing rose-colored glasses for a long time in relation to my assumptions about people in general.

The "Decision"

Lets awknowledge the elephant in the room called the Lebron "decision."

The LadyBallers have yet to blog about it.

Magic Have Heart

Ok... Just a warning that this might end up being a bit of a ramble from me. But here are my thoughts on the Magic in the Playoffs.

Last year, I remember being upset by the LeBron/Kobe puppet Nike commercials. While they were funny, it bothered me that everyone assumed from the very beginning that we were going to have a Lakers vs. Cavs final. And of course, our Magic boys proved everyone wrong and shut the Cavs out.

This year, I feel like when we make it to the finals and when we win the championship, critics will say, "Well, the Magic didn't have the competition in the first two rounds that everyone else did. The Cavs/Celtics were so tired by the time they got to the EC Finals that they just didn't have the energy. It wasn't a fair matchup. LeBron's elbow, blah blah blah."

I'm going to say what I said last year... I feel that the Magic have the HEART that no other team does.

The Beginning of Magic Domination

Wow! What a way to start Round 2 for the Orlando Magic!  With a dominating win over the Atlanta Hawks, 114-71, the Magic showed up and clearly had no mercy. I still haven’t wiped the smile off my face! 

I had the pleasure of going to the playoff game last night, and I have to say I witnessed a perfect synergy from our boys as the Amway Arena lit up again and again over dunks, hustle, rebounds, blocks, alley-oops, 3 pointers, etc. I feel like we are unstoppable!