Female Fans

Guest Blogger: Marisa Gothie Yes, I'm a girl and I'm a fan. A sports fan. After reading Colleen’s Post from last week it got my wheels turning. Why are females consistently questioned about being "real" fans? While I don't agree with the snide remarks these boys made to Colleen (the you aren't good looking enough..) I have gotten some idea as to why men feel this way.

One way that the female fan and the male fan differ is that men tend to be a fan of the sport and women are fans of the team-the players. Take for example my brother and I. My brother states that he is a Phillies fan. But he can also name almost every baseball player in the league. Unless they play for the phils or did at some point I cant. Men follow the team as well but they know how the "sport itself" fit in. Not that females don't but sometimes we just don't care.

I love all the Phillies. I have a hard time letting go of players once they leave.

I've been in bars where guys have started in on "come on your can't really be that big of a Phillies fan." questioning. They guess that I like the Phillies for the good looking ones of Chase and Pat. Little do they know that I can name all the stats of every player. I have turned the game on its ears numerous times. I turn it into a bet. Like, Oh really you think I cant tell you who our back up short stop is? Want to bet a beer on it? 9 times out of 10, I walk away with that beer and the guys respect.

Its funny that men believe they are bigger fans. Instead of fighting it they should be glad to find a female that will enjoy watching sports center as much as they do!

*Any views or opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the LadyBallers Organization/Social Network."

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All the exhibit through expert Curator (Curator in control) Harold · Kodak, Harold Koda, Tim Bolton, ceo within the Metropolitan Museum of favor Start pertaining to through Phil Bolton, chargeable for organization. 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