King James Treated Like Royalty

LeBron: "Coach, I've gotten us this far this season, can I have recess?"

Mike Brown: "Of course sir, whatever you wish my magesty."


After the stunt LeBron pulled during the last match-up of the best two teams in the East, I completely agree with Tim Povtak of FanHouse:

"It's why James never will earn the respect that was once given to Michael Jordan. Maybe James should think again about that number change to honor him.

It's why he just lost my vote for NBA Most Valuable Player. If he doesn't think it's important enough to play all 82 -- or at least try -- then he isn't good enough to be the MVP."

Not like I had any piece of my being thinking he deserved it with the other stunts he pulls. Trust me, I respect and appreciate each and every player/team in the NBA but when you are as pompous as this? Don't expect me to be a "fan." 

If you are truly as good as you are, the fans believe you to be, the organization markets you to be... then prove it... just like Dwight Howard does day in and day out. 

Some fans may disagree with DH being MVP because he may not play PG, but MVP means so much more to me.  It's upsetting when fans forget this is a team sport.  DH leads his team, strengthens his team and forces the team to improve day in and day out.  How is that not MVP material?  When the "MVP" leaves his teammates to play while he "rests" says pompous to me!  How is THAT MVP material?  It just baffles me. 

I guess I wish there was a middle point.  On one end you have a player that receives recognition and support for everything they do because they are a phenominal player.  Then on the opposite end you have a player that gets pushed and critiqued game in and game out by press, refs, fans etc.  If there was a healthy way to respect someone the way they deserve without politics getting in the way then we would not be having this discussion. It would be a much more pleasant discussion on how LeBron, Dwight, Kobe, and Dirk are all contenders for MVP and it's gonna be a close, good, well-deserved race... I wonder if that time will ever come.  Until then, I remain fan of all, frustrater of NBA politics, and #1 cheerleader for the Magic!


Your thoughts?

Is LeBron displaying MVP behavior (excluding statistics on the court... when he "feels" like playing)?

Who would you like to see in a healthy competition for MVP?

What frustrates you most of NBA politics?

Do you think DH gets the respect he deserves?

Let's chat!


image credit: Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE/Getty Images

1) It was as much Mike Brown's decision as LeBron's, by all accounts.

2) LeBron statistically had one of the top three seasons of all time, led his team to the best record in the league, and dominated the court on both ends. He's also a uniter among his teammates - they get along and have more fun than any other team in the NBA.

While I wish he'd play every game he could, I understand the reasoning, and "I made my team so good I didn't even have to play the last two weeks of the season" is an oddly compelling argument for how good he was.

And if you doubt he's about TEAM, keep in mind he basically forfeited the scoring title by sitting. 

3) I don't want to be pro-LeBron, anti-Dwight, because in any given year, there are three or four guys who one can make legit cases for. If Dwight won it, I wouldn't say he didn't deserve it or wasn't MVP-worthy at all.

THAT SAID, people in the pro-Dwight camp talk like all LeBron does is play offense. Last time I checked he was First Team Defense, as well. 

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I haven't been a big LeBron fan when it comes to his behavior but, like Brian, I understand the reasoning for this, too. I understand that fans pay money to see LeBron James play and I can also understand why people would be mad about this. But, in the same instance, Cleveland already has everything locked up so I don't blame them for sitting him the last three or so games. Do I agree with it? Not necessarily. Obviously, the reasoning here is that LeBron might get hurt in a freak injury in one of those games. Jordan Farmar getting hurt last night is the perfect example on why L.A. decided to sit Kobe and Cleveland decided to sit LeBron.


In the same instance, you can get a freak injury anywhere. A garage door has injured Kobe. A telephone has injured a football player. And a tanning bed has injured a baseball player. So I can see why people are up-in-arms about the whole sitting LeBron thing.


As for MVP, LeBron deserves it and, honestly, I don't even think it's close. It's not like he sat any other time besides now. 29-7-8 is mind-boggling and his defense is better now, too. Dwight Howard would be second or third in everyone else's book (Kevin Durant, anyone?) but if LeBron never existed or something, Dwight Howard would probably win MVP.


Of course, LeBron's body of work behavior-wise makes it hard to like him... but it's just so hard to ignore what he's done basketball-wise.

I am not saying LeBron doesn't deserve MVP... I am just saying, I like to see people earn it all around.  I know I can not control anyone but I just wish LeBron would not be so pompous.  I am sure it's hard for him to shake now, especially with the media pumping it up but Brian... How do you know the Cavs have more fun than any team?  Just wondering =)  I know the LadyBallers can speak first hand of our boys in the community and off the court.  Just wondering if the Cavs are as transparent in their city. 

Rey-Rey... If these last games were all "be careful... no one get hurt" then why is there and entire season?  Shouldn't the NBA stop all games once the Playoffs are all "set"? That would make sense... but it doesn't!  I get it... play less time but not dress at all? Sigh... We could talk circles around this.

Bottom line... I am pro everyone, just frustrated at times. I am not fighting to not let LB get MVP... I am fighting for him to be PROUD of it NOT EXPECTING it - ya heard?

Frankly, he has a right to be arrogant - he's the best player on the planet by a sizable margin at this point. I'm glad he walked off the court against Orlando - I miss the days when it felt like these guys weren't all best friends.

That Bird and Magic documentary was awesome if you haven't seen it - you could tell they were still pissed about losses from 25 years ago. I don't think any of the big stars today outside of Kobe have that drive to win - the kind where it KILLS THEM not to.

And Michael Jordan used to shoot free throws with his eyes closed to tease opponents. I like an athlete who wants to destroy everyone and then remind them later that they destroyed them.

I don't understand what you mean by "win it all around"? Remember the biggest criticism of David Robinson the basketball player (not the person) was he was "too nice".

If nobody in Cleveland is pissed about LeBron resting, I don't see why the rest of the world is. And every team does this once they have their spot locked up - the Cavs were so good they locked theirs two weeks ago - that's the only difference.

From the beginning of your article it is obvious that you don't respect what the Cleveland Cavaliers, Mike Brown and LeBron James have accomplished this year.  Assuming that Mike defers to LeBron in all coaching decisions is ludicrous.  Danny Ferry and Mike Brown do a fine job managing their players and making decisions regarding playing time and LeBron James is one of their players.  This season the team has built up enough of a cushion so as to rest certain players, not only LeBron but Mo Williams and Antawn Jamison, to make a title run.  The goal of this team is to win a title, not EC champions, Central Division champions, MVP, MIP, ROY (Danny Green!) etc.  LeBron has tweaked his ankle twice in the past couple weeks and has a sore elbow; and what has happened to Brandon Roy, Andrew Bogut and Chris Bosh would cause any head coach and player to question playing your star in meaningless games.  Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic are playing to win because if they make the NBA Finals they want home court advantage over their opponent; no other reason.  If Dwight was banged up, and how could he be with that chiseled frame, and the Magic had home court throughout; I would be willing the bet that SVG would rest him.  The Cavs as a team are moving towards the playoffs and they need their core players healthy to beat the Magic, it's that simple.  Now as a Cavs fan I am perfectly fine with LeBron sitting out.  I would rather have him miss some regular season games, and as Brian said forfeit the scoring title, than him have a season ending injury that ruins the team's title hope.  As a Cavs fan, the title is the most important thing.  There are 41 games in Cleveland that a fan can watch LeBron play and there are numerous reasons that he may not.  It is hard for me to feel sympathy for someone who is using a seat in the Q just to watch one player and taking said seat away from a fan of the team.  I have been a fan before LeBron and I will be after, but right now LeBron is the reason the Cavs were able to rest their players with five games remaining and so if he and the staff think he needs a breather, so be it.  Just because Kobe has a noticeable injury, "finger avulsion", he escapes criticism in sitting.  Magic Johnson never played a full 82 games season and yet he was a 3 time MVP.  Colleen, as a Magic fan you should feel that Dwight is getting the recognition he deserves.  After all, the Cavs went out and spent $20 million on Shaq for the express purpose of neutralizing Dwight.  As Brian already said, what is "earning it all around"?  Does potentially having one of the top three PERs of the modern era mean that LeBron hasn't "earned it all around"?  The MVP is value to your team and LeBron's stats and his presence off the court is the glue that holds the team together.  All awards are going to about politics which is a shame, but criticizing LeBron for preparing for a team run to the finals seems a bit silly.

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