Mountain Mama, Take me Home

What does a 20 year old female nursing student and the WVU Mountaineer have in common? 
In doing some research on my beloved Blue Devils next opponent, West Virginia, I came across a phenomenal story that somehow I missed.  Did you know that the West Virginia Mountaineer was a woman?  Rebecca Durst is only the second female to ever take over the role in the school's history. Talk about equality for females! One day she was at a home football game, loved the energy the Mountaineer was bringing, and thought to herself "I want to do that." So she did.
I was intrigued, I needed to see her. I have never been to a WVU site in my life, but now I have been to them all. Rebecca has inspired me to find out, to the point of downloading the application, how does one become the Mountaineer?  My absolute, favorite part of the application reads : The Mountaineer is responsible for the everyday care, cleaning, and handling of the rifle.  If you need your curiosity satisfied, the rest of the application can be found here.
I am astounded that I am just now hearing about this, to me this is huge! These are the kind of things that little girls dream of but are always told it's not for them. The thought that I could have ever been the Penn State Nittany Lion never even crossed my mind, it was just something boys do. Rebecca, on the otherhand, decided she was the biggest WVU fan she knew, and therefore she was deserving. You go girl!
Unfortunately, as luck would have it, she hung up her musket on March 1. Horrible timing! The Final Four could have put her and her story on one of the biggest stages of Intercollegiate Athletics.  I'm still going to be watching the sidelines, hoping that just maybe she'll be wearing that coonskin cap.
In case you were wondering, unlike the men, Rebecca was not required to grow a full beard.
*writers note: No matter how much I am talking up these WVU Mountaineers, the Duke Blue Devils will win the game on Saturday and will be National Champions.
*pictures courtesy of

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