Phillies VS Mets: The NL East Rivalry

Guest Blogger: Marisa Gothie Pitchers and Catchers reported to their respective Spring homes this week. And for me, that brings great news! As a north-east girl who can’t stand the cold, the start of Spring Training signals the start to everything I love: warmer/better weather, anticipation of days spent lounging in the sun, and my favorite boys of summer readying themselves to take the field.

Spring training is the time for media members to re-engage themselves with the players and rehash stories from last year. Those players that have come off non-stellar years are questioned about their off season work ethic and those that led their teams with glory and are still held in high esteem. Fans wait with bated breath to see which of the field players will show up early, which will show us that they have winning attitudes and that they are ready to play. In Philadelphia another question is playing on repeat on the airwaves. It’s our most touted rivalry and every year the sound bites that come out of it get better and better; our rivalry with the NY Mets.

The rivalry has been heated since we both have gotten “good." It has been a war waged both on the field and off with fun predictions from the top players, fans making signs to taunt one another and even the managers getting into it at press conferences. It is what makes East Coast baseball worth watching. It started in 2007 with Jimmy (J-Roll) Rollins uttering the now infamous and backed up words of “We are the team to beat in the NL East," it followed with the Mets signing big name pitchers and coming back with the words “we spend the money.” But as J-Roll put it at the parade where the Phillies were glorious and finally captured the coveted World Series trophy, “One man does not make a team."

Over the years the Mets players have become enraged and stated that it is immature for our players to make comments directed at them. David Wright has stated that we should focus on ourselves. But as Hamels stated, they are choke artists and sometimes the truth does hurt. (Just today Johan Santana came out with the fact that he is “the beast of the East”) it seems like the rivalry just motivates the teams to get better. Winning the division (and not just getting to the post season) plays a much bigger role in the minds of the fans. The rivalry is all in good fun and the best part about it is that it does carry over onto the field when the Phillies head down to Citi Field or the Mets come to Citizens Bank Park to play. The boos heard for opposing players can be heard for miles and the players want to have their fans become victorious. In 2008 the Phillies were losing to the Mets 7-1 going into the 8th inning, they ended up winning that game 8-7 and it felt almost as good as winning the world series.

There isn’t much “in trading” amongst the Phillies and the Mets. In press conferences players for the Phillies have publically stated that they would not want to play for the Mets and that they wouldn’t fit in with their guys. Again its probably all in good fun and I’m sure as we’ve seen with Pedro Martinez and most recently with Chris Coste if the teams open their wallets and want to sign a player to that long term deal they will play where they are needed. Because they both play in the NL East and the teams are so close geographically even if the standings weren’t as close as they have been in the past few years, I think the Mets would still be our biggest rivals. Its hard for me ever to cheer for a Met-during the All star game, if they make it to the playoffs.

I’m sure Mets fans have the same feelings toward Phillies players. The rivalry grows every year. I know it will never be as big as the Yankees and the Red Sox, but its something to get Philadelphia and New York NL fans excited about. All I have to say is Spring Training games start in just 14 days and the season begins in less than 50…the Mets come to CPB for the first meeting of the season on April 30 for the first of 6 series between the teams and I’m not ashamed to admit that I keep track of our series wins against the NY Mets as closely as I do our record. If we can have a winning season against them it means something. Bring it on David Wright, Johan Santana and others… Chase, J-Roll and the rest of Philadelphia is waiting! What are your favorite rivalries?

YES! I can't wait for this year's games! Growing up in Jersey, my family is split down the middle (Phillys/Mets) and these games are always a huge event for us. The trash talking at Citizens Bank park is second to none. Its like a heavyweight fight of hecklers when you've got some of Philly's finest trash talkers vs the braveheart Mets fans who, unlike many others, actually have the balls to wear team apparel into Citizens Bank Park.

I remember last season I walked into the smoking section and was kindfully greeted by about 50 Philly fans chanting "A$$HOLE! A$$$$$HOLE!" as I walked in, due to my hat and david wright jersey. As I lite my cigarette, I respectfully returned the gesture with a one finger wave as I turned and pointed to the scoreboard which showed the Mets were winning. 

Nothing better than a classic rivalry and a day a day at the park. 

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"One night, a herd of deer passed his hiding place. He was so wild withthirst that he attacked without a thought. His strength returned and herealized there was an alternative to being the vile monster he feared.Had he not eaten venison in his former life? Over the next months his newphilosophy was born. He could exist without being a demon. He foundhimself again.
Edward opened the door to a high-ceilinged room with tall, west-facingwindows. The walls were paneled again, in a darker wood ¡ª where they werevisible. Most of the wall space was taken up by towering bookshelves thatreached high above my head and held more books than I'd ever seen outsidea library.
¡¡¡¡I shoved the bag onto the crowded top shelf of the fridge, and spunaround to confront him. His deeply lined face was unreadable."Charlie won't be back for a long time." My voice was almost rude.He nodded in agreement, but said nothing."Thanks again for the fish fry," I hinted.He continued nodding. I sighed and folded my arms across my chest.
Edward didn't say any more as we walked down the hall, so I asked,"Almost?"He sighed, seeming reluctant to answer. "Well, I had a typical bout ofrebellious adolescence ¡ª about ten years after I was¡­ born¡­ created,whatever you want to call it. I wasn't sold on his life of abstinence,and I resented him for curbing my appetite. So I went off on my own for atime.""Really?" I was intrigued, rather than frightened, as I perhaps shouldhave been.
He chuckled and nodded.He picked up a remote and turned the stereo on. It was quiet, but thesoft jazz number sounded like the band was in the room with us. I went tolook at his mind-boggling music collection."How do you have these organized?" I asked, unable to find any rhyme orreason to the titles.He wasn't paying attention.
¡¡¡¡I smiled hesitantly at Esme. "That was him.""Bella was being unintentionally funny," Edward explained, quicklysettling the score.Alice had left her position and was running, or dancing, toward us. Shehurtled to a fluid stop at our feet. "It's time," she announced.
"I'm glad," I said, smiling back. I'd worried that he might regrettelling me these things. It was good to know that wasn't the case.But then, as his eyes dissected my expression, his smile faded and hisforehead creased."You're still waiting for the running and the screaming, aren't you?" Iguessed.A faint smile touched his lips, and he nodded.
The wall we faced now was different from the others. Instead ofbookshelves, this wall was crowded with framed pictures of all sizes,some in vibrant colors, others dull monochromes. I searched for somelogic, some binding motif the collection had in common, but I foundnothing in my hasty examination.
He wasn't absolutely sure how his own transformationhad occurred, so he was hesitant. And he was loath to steal anyone's lifethe way his had been stolen. It was in that frame of mind that he foundme. There was no hope for me; I was left in a ward with the dying. He hadnursed my parents, and knew I was alone. He decided to try¡­"His voice, nearly a whisper now, trailed off. He stared unseeinglythrough the west windows. I wondered which images filled his mind now,Carlisle's memories or his own. I waited quietly.
¡¡¡¡"Wait¡­" He paused. "Which one is Edwin?""Edward is the youngest, the one with the reddish brown hair." Thebeautiful one, the godlike one¡­"Oh, well, that's" ¡ª he struggled ¡ª "better, I guess. I don't like thelook of that big one. I'm sure he's a nice boy and all, but he looks too¡­mature for you. Is this Edwin your boyfriend?""It's Edward, Dad.""Is he?""Sort of, I guess.""You said last night that you weren't interested in any of the boys intown." But he picked up his fork again, so I could see the worst was over."Well, Edward doesn't live in town, Dad."He gave me a disparaging look as he chewed."And, anyways," I continued, "it's kind of at an early stage, you know.
"When the influenza epidemic hit, he was working nights in a hospital inChicago. He'd been turning over an idea in Louis Vuitton handbag Outlet his mind for several years,and he had almost decided to act ¡ª since he couldn't find a companion, hewould create one.
¡¡¡¡As soon as she spoke, a deep rumble of thunder shook the forest beyondus, and then crashed westward toward town."Eerie, isn't it?" Emmett said with easy familiarity, winking at me."Let's go." Alice reached for Emmett's hand and they darted toward theoversized field; she ran like a gazelle. He was nearly as graceful andjust as fast ¡ª yet Emmett could never be compared to a gazelle.
"You were saying?" he growled playfully."That you are a very, very terrifying monster," I said, my sarcasm marreda bit by my breathless voice."Much better," he approved."Um." I struggled. "Can I get up now?"He just laughed."Can we come in?" a soft voice sounded from the hall.
"What can I do for you?" he asked us pleasantly, rising from his seat."I wanted to show Bella some of our history," Edward said. "Well, yourhistory, actually.""We didn't mean to disturb you," I apologized.
¡¡¡¡He seemed to sense that I had given up on small talk. "Bella," he said,and then he hesitated.I waited."Bella," he said again, "Charlie is one of my best friends.""Yes."He spoke each word carefully in his rumbling voice. "I noticed you'vebeen spending time with one of the Cullens.""Yes," I repeated curtly.
"Carlisle swam to France, and continued on through Europe, to theuniversities there. By night he studied music, science, medicine ¡ª andfound his calling, his penance, in that, in saving human lives." Hisexpression became awed, almost reverent. "I can't adequately describe thestruggle; it took Carlisle two centuries of torturous effort to perfecthis self-control. Now he is all but immune to the scent of human blood,and he is able to do the work he loves without agony. He finds a greatdeal of peace there, at the hospital¡­" Edward stared off into space for along moment. Suddenly he seemed to recall his purpose. He tapped hisfinger against the huge painting in front of us.
¡¡¡¡"I love you," he said. "It's a poor excuse for what I'm doing, but it'sstill true."It was the first time he'd said he loved me ¡ª in so many words. He mightnot realize it, but I certainly did."Now, please try to behave yourself," he continued, and he bent to softlybrush his lips against mine.I held properly still. Then I sighed."You promised Chief Swan that you would have me home early, remember?
¡¡¡¡"Something like that." He was watching me intently, carefully, but therewas humor deep in his eyes. He placed his hands against the Jeep oneither side of my head and leaned forward, forcing me to press backagainst the door. He leaned in even closer, his face inches from mine. Ihad no room to escape."Now," he breathed, and just his smell disturbed my thought processes,"what exactly are you worrying about?""Well, um, hitting a tree ¡ª" I gulped "¡ª and dying. And then gettingsick."He fought back a smile. Then he bent his head down and touched his coldlips softly to the hollow at the base of my throat.
"No, there are very few ways louis vuitton we can be killed." I opened my mouth to ask, but he spoke before I could."So he grew very hungry, and eventually weak. He strayed as far as hecould from the human populace, recognizing that his willpower wasweakening, too. For months he wandered by night, seeking the loneliestplaces, loathing himself.
¡¡¡¡He staggered back, breaking my grip effortlessly."Damn it, Bella!" he broke off, gasping. "You'll be the death of me, Iswear you will."I leaned over, bracing my hands against my knees for support."You're indestructible," I mumbled, trying to catch my breath."I might have believed that before I met you. Now let's get out of herebefore I do something really stupid," he growled.
"It took me only a few years to return to Carlisle and recommit to hisvision. I thought I would be exempt from the¡­ depression¡­ thataccompanies a conscience. Because I knew the thoughts of my prey, I couldpass over the innocent and pursue only the evil. If I followed a murdererdown a dark alley where he stalked a young girl ¡ª if I saved her, thensurely I wasn't so terrible."I shivered, imagining only too clearly what he described ¡ª the alley atnight, the frightened girl, the dark man behind her. And Edward, Edwardas he hunted, terrible and glorious as a young god, unstoppable. Wouldshe have been grateful, that girl, or more frightened than before?
¡¡¡¡Charlie let out a low whistle."Wear your seat belts," he choked out.Edward followed me around to my side and opened the door. I gauged thedistance to the seat and prepared to jump for it. He sighed, and thenlifted me in with one hand. I hoped Charlie didn't notice.
I frowned at him. "So, go on ¡ª Carlisle was swimming to France."He paused, getting back into his story. Reflexively, his eyes flickeredto another picture ¡ª the most colorful of them all, the most ornatelyframed, and the largest; it was twice as wide as the door it hung nextto. The canvas overflowed with bright figures in swirling robes, writhingaround long pillars and off marbled balconies. I couldn't tell if itrepresented Greek mythology, or if the characters floating in the cloudsabove were meant to be biblical.
¡¡¡¡There really was no excuse for my behavior. Obviously I knew better bynow. And yet I couldn't seem to stop from reacting exactly as I had thefirst time. Instead of keeping safely motionless, my arms reached up totwine tightly around his neck, and I was suddenly welded to his stonefigure. I sighed, and my lips parted.
¡¡¡¡This time the bat somehow made it around in time to smash into theinvisible ball. The crack of impact was shattering, thunderous; it echoedoff the mountains ¡ª I immediately understood the necessity of thethunderstorm.The ball shot like a meteor above the field, flying deep into thesurrounding forest."Home run," I murmured."Wait," Esme cautioned, listening intently, one hand raised. Emmett was ablur around the bases, Carlisle shadowing him. I realized Edward wasmissing.
"From the time of my new birth," he murmured, "I had the advantage ofknowing what everyone around me was thinking, both human and non-humanalike. That's why it took me ten years to defy Carlisle ¡ª I could readhis perfect sincerity, understand exactly why he lived the way he did.
It was a strange combination to absorb ¡ª the everyday concerns of thetown doctor stuck in the middle of a discussion of his early days inseventeenth-century London.It was also unsettling to know that he spoke aloud only for my benefit.After another warm smile for me, Carlisle left the room.I stared at the little picture of Carlisle's hometown for a long moment.
Edward pulled me toward the far left side, standing me in front of asmall square oil painting in a plain wooden frame. This one did not standout among the bigger and brighter pieces; painted in varying tones ofsepia, it depicted a miniature city full of steeply slanted roofs, withthin spires atop a few scattered towers.
The whole back side of the house must be glass. His view looked down onthe winding Sol Duc River, across the untouched forest to the OlympicMountain range. The mountains were much closer than I would have believed.The western wall was completely covered with shelf after shelf of CDs.
¡¡¡¡"I'm never angry with you ¡ª how could I be? Brave, trusting¡­ warm as youare.""Then why?" I whispered, remembering the black moods that pulled him awayfrom me, that I'd always interpreted as well-justified frustration ¡ªfrustration at my weakness, my slowness, my unruly human reactions¡­He put his hands carefully on both sides of my face. "I infuriatemyself," he said gently. "The way I can't seem to keep from putting youin danger. My very existence puts you at risk. Sometimes I truly hatemyself. I should be stronger, I should be able to ¡ª"I placed my hand over his mouth. "Don't."He took my hand, moving it from his lips, but holding it to his face.
¡¡¡¡"He's been the odd man out for far too long; it's hurt me to see himalone.""You don't mind, then?" I asked, hesitant again. "That I'm¡­ all wrong forhim?" "No." She was thoughtful. "You're what he wants. It will work out,somehow," she said, though her forehead creased with worry. Another pealof thunder began.
¡¡¡¡"Was that a strike?" I whispered to Esme."If they don't hit it, it's a strike," she told me.Jasper hurled the ball back to Louis Vuitton Purses Alice's waiting hand. She permittedherself a brief grin. And then her hand spun out again.
He wasn't having that. He curled me into a ball against his chest,holding me more securely than iron chains. I glared at him in alarm, buthe seemed well in control, his jaw relaxed as he grinned, his eyes brightonly with humor.
¡¡¡¡"Thanks," I repeated, but with feeling this time. "I was running out ofnew ways to fix fish, and he's bound to bring home more tonight.""Fishing again?" Billy asked with a subtle gleam in his eye. "Down at theusual spot? Maybe I'll run by and see him.""No," I quickly lied, my face going hard. "He was headed someplace new¡­but I have no idea where."He took in my changed expression, and it made him thoughtful.
¡¡¡¡We'd better get going.""Yes, ma'am."He smiled wistfully and released all of me but one hand. He led me a fewfeet through the tall, wet ferns and draping moss, around a massivehemlock tree, and we were there, on the edge of an enormous open field inthe lap of the Olympic peaks. It was twice the size of any baseballstadium.
¡¡¡¡Carlisle was up to bat, Edward catching, when Alice suddenly gasped. Myeyes were on Edward, as usual, and I saw his head snap up to look at her.Their eyes met and something flowed between them in an instant. He was atmy side before the others could ask Alice what was wrong."Alice?" Esme's voice was tense."I didn't see ¡ª I couldn't tell," she whispered.
¡¡¡¡"Go ahead and call me Charlie. Here, I'll take your jacket.""Thanks, sir.""Have a seat there, Edward."I grimaced.Edward sat down fluidly in the only chair, forcing me to sit next toChief Swan on the sofa. I quickly shot him a dirty look. He winked behindCharlie's back."So I hear you're getting my girl to watch baseball." Only in Washingtonwould the fact that it was raining buckets have no bearing at all on theplaying of outdoor sports.
He led me back to the room that he'd pointed out as Carlisle's office. Hepaused outside the door for an instant."Come in," Carlisle's voice invited.
"Ummm, by year, and then by personal preference within that frame," hesaid absently.I turned, and he was looking at me with a peculiar expression in his eyes."What?""I was prepared to feel¡­ relieved. Having you know about everything, notneeding to keep secrets from you. But I didn't expect to feel more thanthat. I like it. It makes me¡­ happy." He shrugged, smiling slightly.
"Actually," Jasper said, smiling despite himself as he walked into theroom, "Alice says there's going to be a real storm tonight, and Emmettwants to play ball. Are you game?"The words were all common enough, but the context confused me. I gatheredthat Alice was a bit more reliable than the weatherman, though.Edward's eyes lit up, but he hesitated.
¡¡¡¡"No, not carrying ¡ª" He cut short. "Besides, the last thing we need isfor them to catch the scent and start hunting.""How many?" Emmett asked Alice."Three," she answered tersely."Three!" he scoffed. "Let them come." The steel bands of muscle flexedalong his massive arms.For a split second that seemed much longer than it really was, Carlisledeliberated. Only Emmett seemed unperturbed; the rest stared atCarlisle's face with anxious eyes.
"Of course you should bring Bella," Alice chirped. I thought I saw Jasperthrow a quick glance at her."Do you want to go?" Edward asked me, excited, his expression vivid."Sure." I couldn't disappoint such a face. "Um, where are we going?""We have to wait for thunder to play ball ¡ª you'll see why," he promised."Will I need an umbrella?"They all three laughed aloud."Will she?" Jasper asked Alice.
¡¡¡¡I stood in the hallway for a minute, listening to the sound of their caras it backed out and drove away. I stayed where I was, waiting for theirritation and anxiety to subside. When the tension eventually faded abit, I headed upstairs to change out of my dressy clothes.
¡¡¡¡"Yes, sir, that's the plan." He didn't look surprised that I'd told myfather the truth. He might have been listening, though."Well, more power to you, I guess."Charlie laughed, and Edward joined in."Okay." I stood up. "Enough humor at my expense. Let's go." I walked backto Cheap Louis Vuitton Handbags the hall and pulled on my jacket. They followed."Not too late, Bell.""Don't worry, Charlie, I'll have her home early," Edward promised."You take care of my girl, all right?"I groaned, but they ignored me.
I struggled to free myself, but Edward merely readjusted me so that I wassomewhat more conventionally seated on his lap. I could see it was Alice,then, and Jasper behind her in the doorway. My cheeks burned, but Edwardseemed at ease."Go ahead." Edward was still chuckling quietly.
¡¡¡¡It felt like months rather than days since I'd spoken to Jess. "How wasthe dance?""It was so much fun!" Jessica gushed. Needing no more invitation thanthat, she launched into a minute-by-minute account of the previous night.I mmm'd and ahh'd at the right places, but it wasn't easy to concentrate.
¡¡¡¡Jacob was surprised. "Are we leaving already?""Charlie's gonna be out late," Billy explained as he rolled himself pastJacob."Oh." Jacob looked disappointed. "Well, I guess I'll see you later, then,Bella.""Sure," I agreed."Take care," Billy warned me. I didn't answer.Jacob helped his father out the door. I waved briefly, glancing swiftlytoward my now-empty truck, and then shut the door before they were gone.
¡¡¡¡He frowned. "What I meant to say was, don't do what you're doing."I looked into his eyes, filled with nothing but concern for me, and therewas nothing I could say.Just then the front door banged loudly, and I jumped at the sound."There's no picture anywhere in that car." Jacob's complaining voicereached us before he did. The shoulders of his shirt were stained withthe rain, his hair dripping, when he rounded the corner.
¡¡¡¡"She'll be safe with me, I promise, sir." Charlie couldn't doubt Edward's sincerity, it rang in every word.I stalked out. They both laughed, and Edward followed me.I stopped dead on the porch. There, behind my truck, was a monster Jeep.Its tires were higher than my waist. There were metal guards over theheadlights and tail-lights, and four large spotlights attached to thecrash bar. The hardtop was shiny red.
¡¡¡¡Emmett was swinging an aluminum bat; it whistled almost untraceablythrough the air. I waited for him to approach home plate, but then Irealized, as he took his stance, that he was already there ¡ª farther fromthe pitcher's mound than I would have thought possible. Jasper stoodseveral feet behind him, catching for the other team. Of course, none ofthem had gloves.
¡¡¡¡Edward paid no attention to the game at all, eyes and mind ranging theforest."I'm sorry, Bella," he muttered fiercely. "It was stupid, irresponsible,to expose you like this. I'm so sorry."I heard his breath stop, and his eyes zeroed in on right field. He took ahalf step, angling himself between me and what was coming.Carlisle, Emmett, and the others turned in the same direction, hearingsounds of passage much too faint for my ears.
¡¡¡¡"Are you still worried now?" he murmured against my skin.
He could tell. I vaguely realized that we were headed up the next flightof stairs, but I wasn't paying much attention to my surroundings."That doesn't repulse you?""No.""Why not?""I guess¡­ it sounds reasonable."He barked a laugh, more loudly than before. We were at the top of thestairs now, in another paneled hallway.
"He jumped from great heights," Edward told me, his voice impassive. "Hetried to drown himself in the ocean¡­ but he was young to the new life,and very strong. It is amazing that he was able to resist¡­ feeding¡­ whilehe was still so new. The instinct is more powerful then, it takes overeverything. But he was so repelled by himself that he had the strength totry to kill himself with starvation.""Is that possible?" My voice was faint.
¡¡¡¡"I think I saw it in the trunk," Billy said. "You may have to dig for it."Jacob slouched back out into the rain.Billy and I faced each other in silence. After a few seconds, the quietstarted to feel awkward, so I turned and headed to the kitchen. I couldhear his wet wheels squeak against the linoleum as he followed.
"He was studying in Italy when he discovered the others there. They weremuch more civilized and educated than the wraiths of the London sewers."He touched a comparatively sedate quartet of figures painted on thehighest balcony, looking down calmly on the mayhem Louis Vuitton Sale below them. I examinedthe grouping carefully and realized, with a startled laugh, that Irecognized the golden-haired man.
¡¡¡¡"Yes." I struggled to concentrate. "About hitting trees and getting sick."His nose drew a line up the skin of my throat to the point of my chin.His cold breath tickled my skin."And now?" His lips whispered against my jaw.
¡¡¡¡Then something sunk in."Run the whole way? As in, we're still going to run part of the way?" Myvoice edged up a few octaves.He grinned tightly. "You're not going to run.""I'm going to be sick.""Keep your eyes closed, you'll be fine."I bit my lip, fighting the panic.He leaned over to kiss the top of my head, and then groaned. I looked athim, puzzled."You smell so good in the rain," he explained.
¡¡¡¡And I could hardly tell we were moving. I could feel him gliding alongbeneath me, but he could have been strolling down the sidewalk, themovement was so smooth. I was tempted to peek, just to see if he wasreally flying through the forest like before, but I resisted. It wasn'tworth that awful dizziness. I contented myself with listening to hisbreath come and go evenly.
"You wouldn't."I didn't see him leap at me ¡ª it was much too fast. I only found myselfsuddenly airborne, and then we crashed onto the sofa, knocking it intothe wall. All the while, his arms formed an iron cage of protectionaround me ¡ª I was barely jostled. But I still was gasping as I tried toright myself.

¡¡¡¡He played intelligently, keeping the ball low, out of the reach ofRosalie's always-ready hand in the outfield, gaining two bases likelightning before Emmett could get the ball back in play. Carlisle knockedone so far out of the field ¡ª with a boom that hurt my ears ¡ª that he andEdward both made it in. Alice slapped them dainty high fives.
¡¡¡¡"Let me deal with this," I suggested. Edward's black glare made meanxious.To my surprise, he agreed. "That's probably best. Be careful, though. Thechild has no idea."I bridled a little at the word child. "Jacob is not that much youngerthan I am," I reminded him.He looked at me then, his anger abruptly fading. "Oh, I know," he assuredme with a grin.
¡¡¡¡I never could get over my mothering instincts ¡ª did Edward tell you I hadlost a child?""No," I murmured, stunned, scrambling to understand what lifetime she wasremembering."Yes, my first and only baby. He died just a few days after he was born,the poor tiny thing," she sighed. "It broke my heart ¡ª that's why Ijumped off the cliff, you know," she added matter-of-factly.
¡¡¡¡I obediently slid the rubber band out of my hair and shook it out aroundme.I stated the obvious. "The others are coming now.""Yes, stay very still, keep quiet, and don't move from my side, please."He hid the stress in his voice well, but I could hear it. He pulled mylong hair forward, around my face.
¡¡¡¡And then we came to the end of the road; the trees formed green walls onthree sides of the Jeep. The rain was a mere drizzle, slowing everysecond, the sky brighter through the clouds."Sorry, Bella, we have to go on foot from here.""You know what? I'll just wait here.""What happened to all your courage? You were extraordinary this morning.""I haven't forgotten the last time yet." Could it have been onlyyesterday?He was around to my side of the car in a blur. He started unbuckling me.
"When he knew what he had become," Edward said quietly, "he rebelledagainst it. He tried to destroy himself. But that's not easily done.""How?" I didn't mean to say it aloud, but the word broke through my shock.
¡¡¡¡"Well, I sort of have a date with Edward Cullen tonight, and he wanted tointroduce me to his parents¡­ Dad?"It appeared that Charlie was having an aneurysm."Dad, are you all right?""You are going out with Edward Cullen?" he thundered.Uh-oh. "I thought you liked the Cullens.""He's too old for you," he ranted."We're both juniors," I corrected, though he was more right than hedreamed.
He lifted his hand, moving it to rest against my neck. The speed of myheart reacted to that, but I persisted."You don't have to breathe?" I demanded."No, it's not Louis Vuitton Outlet necessary. Just a habit." He shrugged."How long can you go¡­ without breathing?""Indefinitely, I suppose; I don't know. It gets a bit uncomfortable ¡ªbeing without a sense of smell.""A bit uncomfortable," I echoed.
¡¡¡¡The phone rang and I sprinted downstairs to get it. There was only onevoice I wanted to hear; anything else would be a disappointment. But Iknew that if he wanted to talk to me, he'd probably just materialize inmy room."Hello?" I asked, breathless."Bella? It's me," Jessica said."Oh, hey, Jess." I scrambled for a moment to come back down to reality.
It was just beginning to drizzle when Edward turned onto my street. Upuntil that moment, I'd had no doubt that he'd be staying with me while Ispent a few interim hours in the real world.And then I saw the black car, a weathered Ford, parked in Charlie'sdriveway ¡ª and heard Edward mutter something unintelligible in a low,harsh voice.
¡¡¡¡I sighed and put my hand on the door handle."Get them inside," he instructed, "so I can leave. I'll be back arounddusk.""Do you want my truck?" I offered, meanwhile wondering how I wouldexplain its absence to Charlie.He rolled his eyes. "I could walk home faster than this truck moves.""You don't have to leave," I said wistfully.
¡¡¡¡"Here, let me take that," I offered, turning to shut the door. I allowedmyself one last glance at Edward. He was waiting, perfectly still, hiseyes solemn."You'll want to put it in the fridge," Billy noted as he handed me thepackage. "It's some of Harry Clearwater's homemade fish fry ¡ª Charlie'sfavorite. The fridge keeps it drier." He shrugged.
¡¡¡¡I could see the others all there; Esme, Emmett, and Rosalie, sitting on abare outcropping of rock, were the closest to us, maybe a hundred yardsaway. Much farther out I could see Jasper and Alice, at least a quarterof a mile apart, appearing to throw something back and forth, but I neversaw any ball. It looked like Carlisle was marking bases, but could theyreally be that far apart?
He smiled half a smile, but his eyes were serious. "I won't stop you. I want this to happen, because I want you to be safe. And yet, Iwant to be with you. The two desires are impossible to reconcile¡­" Hetrailed off, staring at my face. Waiting."I'm not running anywhere," I promised."We'll see," he said, smiling again.
His room was better stocked than a music store. In the corner was asophisticated-looking sound system, the kind I was afraid to touchbecause I'd be sure to break something. There was no bed, only a wide andinviting black leather sofa. The floor was covered with a thick golden carpet, and the walls were hung with heavy fabric in a slightly darkershade."Good acoustics?" I guessed.
Alice seemed to find nothing unusual in our embrace; she walked ¡ª almostdanced, her movements were so graceful ¡ª to the center of the room, whereshe folded herself sinuously onto the floor. Jasper, however, paused atthe door, his expression a trifle shocked. He stared at Edward's face,and I wondered if he was tasting the atmosphere with his unusualsensitivity.
¡¡¡¡"Nothing, really. I just hung around outside to enjoy the sun."I heard Charlie's car in the garage.¡¡"Did you ever hear anything more from Edward Cullen?"The front door slammed and I could hear Charlie banging around under thestairs, putting his tackle away."Um." I hesitated, not sure what my story was anymore."Hi there, kiddo!" Charlie called as he walked into the kitchen. I wavedat him.
¡¡¡¡"What do you think?" he asked."One thing's for sure, I'll never be able to sit through dull old Major League Baseball again.""And it sounds like you did so much of that before," he laughed."I am a little disappointed," I teased."Why?" he asked, puzzled."Well, it would be nice if I could find just one thing you didn't dobetter than everyone else on the planet."He flashed his special crooked smile, leaving me breathless."I'm up," he said, heading for the plate.
¡¡¡¡"Out!" Esme cried in a clear voice. I stared in disbelief as Edwardsprang from the fringe of the trees, ball in his upraised hand, his widegrin visible even to me."Emmett hits the hardest," Esme explained, "but Edward runs the fastest."The inning continued before my incredulous eyes. It was impossible tokeep up with the speed at which the ball flew, the rate at which theirbodies raced around the field.

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"We have to continue to be on the offensive, not to give them a single minute of rest,

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not give them a single minute of truce so that they do not have the capacity to commit acts like this one,"

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Santos said. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the blast.

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The national police website posted audio from police Maj. Gen. Jorge Nieto saying, "

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All (evidence) indicates that there were cylinders camouflaged by food items inside of a vehicle."

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Nieto added that the attack occurred when residents were preparing for a farmer's market day in the municipality of Inza.

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The FARC has been at war with the South American nation's government since the 1960s,

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the leftist guerrillas that have been at war with the government for decades,

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He announced last month that he'd seek re-election against, among others, rival Oscar Ivan Zuluaga, who has called for an end to the peace

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talks and is against giving a political space to the rebels. Santos said during an awards event Thursday in Bogota that Colombia "is a country decisively seeking peace,

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and advances in the direction of dialogue with firmness and prudence, without neglecting security for a single second."On Saturday,

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the president condemned what he called a "cowardly" act and offered a reward of up to 30 million pesos ($15,500 US) for any information leading to those responsible.

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He also insisted that the Colombian government wouldn't back down

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