The reasons everyone should respect DH

For the past 6 seasons Orlando has had the pleasure of having one of the most amazing young gentleman of the league lead the team! I seriously cannot imagine the Magic without Dwight Howard, he is such a staple in my head for this team and city overall! Yes, he is young and still has a ton to learn and many years of experience to add under that Superman cape but he knows this! Dwight ALWAYS has a smile on his face and that huge white grill is always showing because you can tell how positive and electric he is! I understand a lot of people wish he would be more serious on the court but I think this spunk and livelihood adds to the amusingness that is DH! He is a true leader to his team, community, and organization. There is hardly a day goes by living in Orlando that I don't hear about Dwight and every time I do I remember how lucky this city is to have him!
He is continually volunteering his time all over Central Florida, as well as the world with NBA Cares. That is just remarkable with his age and the schedule he juggles. I had the pleasure of meeting DH last month as I ran into him at a restaurant here in Orlando and he was nothing but gracious and nice! I simply shook his hand and got a pic and thanked him for being awesome! I could not pass the opportunity up!! He was awesome!! Watching DH play live is such an energetic experience! To see him connecting with each and every teammate, constantly improving his skills, and leading the Magic to various wins! Occasionally, you will see him raise his hand to his face as if he was in awe of his abilities. Even though you would think this would be a pompous action, it really seems more comical than stuck up...makes me giggle!!! It's probably because he follows with a huge smile afterwards and u can sense he is able to laugh at himself, which is awesome! DH is a living example of why I continue to be passionate about and support the NBA. Players with his drive, commitment, and passion move me! I hope he sticks around Orlando for years to come and the entire Magic team push together with him and achieve that Championship banner they deserve to have raised at the new Amway Center!!

Accomplishments speak LOUD: NBA Defensive Player of the Year (2009) 4× NBA All-Star (2007–2010) 2× All-NBA First Team (2008, 2009) All-NBA Third Team (2007) NBA All-Defensive First Team (2009) NBA All-Defensive Second Team (2008) NBA Slam Dunk Champion (2008) Naismith Prep Player of the Year (2004) Offensive Rebounds: 2008-09 NBA 336 (1) Defensive Rebounds: 2007-08 NBA 882 (1) 2008-09 NBA 757 (1) 2009-10 NBA 434 (1) Total Rebounds: 2005-06 NBA 1022 (1) 2006-07 NBA 1008 (1) 2007-08 NBA 1161 (1) 2008-09 NBA 1093 (1) 2009-10 NBA 607 (1) Free Throw Attempts: 2007-08 NBA 897 (1) 2008-09 NBA 849 (1) I would like to note that with his build and stature, it is crazy to think of how young he is. Just these stats alone are crazy:
The youngest player in NBA history to reach 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 4,000 and 5,000 career rebounds, and the youngest player in NBA history to lead the league in rebounding and blocks. And this is just the beginning...

We just did a video parody of a psycho fan for Dwight Howard today

We call it "Reasons everyone should love off Dwight Howard."

Of course it doesn't have a fraction of a fifth of the meaty info that you ladies have, great post!

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I had the pleasure of meeting DH last month as I ran into him at a restaurant here in Orlando and he was nothing but gracious and nice! I simply shook his hand and got a pic and thanked him for being awesome! I could not pass the opportunity up!! He was awesome!! Watching DH play live is such an energetic experience! To see him connecting with each and every teammate, constantly improving his skills, and leading the Magic to various wins! Occasionally, you will see him raise his hand to his face as if he was in awe of his abilities. jetskifinance ,
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haha that post was funny, thanks for sharing. Thanks for stopping by and reading too, much appreciated! PS...ur dad is right, perfect specimen of a man ;oP

Great post, Colleen!

I love D.Howard! I'm so jealous I wasn't there when you met him. Maybe there will be another opportunity soon :)

Love This,

Dwight is the man! All around great guy! He's skilled on the court & his personality just shines : )

So True! There is never a moment DH is not with a Constant Shine ;o)

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The women's variety also consists of evening gowns Karen Millen dress and jackets. There are also women's hoodies. These as well are out there inside a broad range of colors. regardless of its casual wear, Coogi has unique evening put on ranges of apparel for equally guys and women. The women's evening discount Karen Millen put on outfits consist of thrilling styles like brief skirts and away the shoulder dresses. The ideal Coogi outfit for girls consists of jeans teamed having a vest and some accessories. Coogi does also layout components which Karen Millen solid color consist of handbags and footwear.Another advantage of those garments is the simple fact that they are properly priced. 1 can buy an whole outfit devoid of getting to break the bank. 1 does not Karen Millen coat sale have to be broke following buying an outfit for any unique evening. Also, the garments are produced making

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